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you are your voice

As you hear all the voices and opinions of people around you in 

  •  how you should act

  • how you should behave 

  • what you should do or say.

You are surrounded by those voices and facing challenges in life and walking day in and out with

  • your fears

  • your guilt,

  • your limiting beliefs

  •  your insecurities

throughout life.
This life walk is how we are “trained” and how we turned in walking on autopilot to just function and listen to others.

How would you feel if you were your voice?

If you would act, behavedo, and say what you feel like?
Please, STOP waiting for permission or making excuses and instead start living the life you truly want and deserve.

You have only this life to live – the time is now.
Permit yourself

- to discover who you are,

- to discover your authentic self.
Take off all the layers of dust and let your light, your happiness, and your true purpose rise and shine through your life.
My mission is to bring you and your life back into balance, your light, and your happiness.
I am grateful to support, help and serve ladies to discover themselves  and their real values.
Riquina Rodrigues and your Clarity and Confidence Coach

Life is Gratitude
Life is Love
Life is Happiness

you have always the choice 

 don't worry about things you can't change

 be thankful for what you already have

 instead of envying others let them inspire you

❤ let go of judgments and stay curious

❤ create positive dialogues with yourself

forgive yourself before the day ends

let your journey begin


My name is Riquina Rodrigues

Kjersti Halvorsen
Tønsberg, Norway

I joined the coaching journey with Riquina because I needed help to move forward in my personal development and to gain clarity

with some issues I was struggling with. 

With Riquina from Life Balanz I experience a calm and present

coach. With her questions she made me find the answers I was looking for and view things from different angles. 

I can absolutely recommend coaching with Riquina.

Her personality made me feel safe, valued and heard.

She was able to reflect back to me what I was saying in a way that gave me more clarity in my own thoughts. She took me on a journey of self discovery that helped me move in the right direction.


Thank you so much for these great coaching session.

Rebecca K.
Berlin, Germany

Kjell Paris
Atlanta, USA

Sarah Moeller

Copenhagen, Denmark

I experienced hours of intense self-reflection in a safe and guided environment provided by Riquina Rodrigues.

Instead of the expected lecture on life, I was enabled to reach the answers to my questions and doubts within myself. I felt guided to realize which mental barriers I had subconsciously manifested in my own system of beliefs that were limiting me and my potential. 

Throughout the coaching process I felt empowered to change and shape my subconsciously manifested system of beliefs to serve me rather than holding me back.

I would highly recommend coaching with Riquina Rodrigues from Life Balanz to anyone who seeks to develop and improve on a personal, interpersonal and professional level through thorough self-reflection by asking the right questions and moderating each coaching session in a personalized manner.


I would like to thank you again for amazing work.


I started my coaching journey with

the desire to build a better relationship with myself, to improve my sense of self-love and self-work and to be more positive. 

Working with Riquina, I uncovered some beliefs and habits that were blocking me from achieving these goals and worked on strategies, tools and habits that can help me to remove these blockages.

Riquina has a gentle and kind way to guide you to a deeper level, to realize more about yourself and to get you going in the direction of where you want to go.

If you have areas you want to improve in your life, are ready to get honest

and do something about it and need some guidance on how to get there, I can definitely recommend working with Riquina. 

She helped me to change the relationship with myself.


Riquina, your lovely way,  your deep questions asked and holding space for myself was my life changer. 

I was looking for someone to help me become more aware of my own problems and to tackle them. In a world that gets busier with every day that passes by I wanted the expertise an experienced coach who helps me to get to the root cause and helps with the improvements I aim for.

I experienced a very thoughtful and reflecting coach who definitely knows how to ask the right questions which lead to the bottom of the issues at hand. Riquina is brilliant and never loses focus.

I would highly recommend that anyone should undertake a personal coaching journey with Riquina from Life Balanz. Not matter if there are superficial issues at hand or if one just wants to evaluate the current situation, she or he finds herself/himself in I think a coaching journey with Riquina is a wonderful experience and adds meaningfulness to your daily life

Thank you for this experience and for the impact you made in my life.  

Den Haag

There is nothing more important than this moment.

make peace,
with your perfect imperfection!

He's one of our biggest success killers because no matter what you do, you'll never please him!
You never meet his demands or you end up in burnout during the eternal attempt!
Perfectionism is not a small weakness, it has a massive influence on you and actually, it does not exist.

Today I made peace, with my perfect imperfection! ❤️

Better done than perfect...

Let your journey begin and Email me

Be your voice

Contact me today to schedule your

FREE discovery session.

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Rock Balancing









This is me

They told me I was a difficult kid, they told me that I was a daydreamer, they told me I was not good enough to reach my grates, they told me I would never find a job with this attitude, they told me that I have silly dreams. After school, I had no idea what do to, but somehow I got an opportunity to work in an IT company and this is where at least my career path started. I worked my way up the corporate ladder for 21 years to achieve better positions until I was working as a global project manager with many over hours through different time zones. I traveled the world for my project and I was grateful to meet all different amazing people in all different cultures I am truly blessed by all I have learned.

It was not always easy to deal with all the pressure and expectations. It was not always easy to keep on working at night without quality time. It was not always easy to hear all the voices and opinions from my Parents, Friends, Managers, and Co-Workers. I failed a lot of times and I felt lost, stressed, misunderstood, and self-doubting.

Today I realize that all these moments, this failure did let me learn and did let me grow. This is the reason I am the Person who I am.

My main realization in changing my habits and life was the abruptly lost of my father to cancer. I am grateful I took the opportunity to sit next to him on his hospital bed and spoke about all the unspoken. This moment hit me deep within my heart and my soul. I have reflected on that situation, on that moment, over and over since I said goodbye  and I realized that my life had to change. After watching him suffer and having his life taken away from him so quickly, I decided to start really living my truth and giving back to the world in whichever way I could.

In that situation I realized that the time is NOW, it is not about yesterday and it is not about tomorrow.

I had so many limiting and negative beliefs that were keeping me in a space of not fully living. I had to learn how to love myself, not just on the surface, but my deep inner self.

I learned to heal my wounds from the past and still in that healing process, as this process is a journey. I decided to move on. I decided to bring a contribution of consciousness living to others and started my own intuitive journey, as a healer, as a medium and as a life coach not knowing what to expect. This is really my happy place. I have made it my continuous mission to learn, grow and to heal my mind, my body and my soul.

We need so much -

  • more kindness

  • more joy

  • more happiness

  • more acceptance

  • more support

  • more cooperation

with ourselves and with all others around us.

Let your journey begin, the time is now.


Sending you much love from my heart to yours,



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