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Do you need clarity in your life?

Are you seeking confidence?

Are you ready for your true identity?

Then join me at my upcoming free masterclass.

Release Yourself


 19th March 2023
17:00 CET .- 18:00 CET (Berlin)

I am inviting you to a FREE transformational Masterclass to find the clarity you are seeking. 


If you´re a woman, ready to get clarity on your true identity and authenticity in your life.

- who am I really?

- what am I thinking?

- how am I talking?

Then sign up here

Please bring:
- soil
- glass with water
- spoon



Kjersti Halvorsen, Norway

I joined the coaching journey with Riquina because I needed help to move forward in my personal development and to gain clarity with some issues I was struggling with. 

With Riquina from Life Balanz I experience a calm and present coach. With her questions she made me find the answers I was looking for and view things from different angles. 

I can absolutely recommend coaching with Riquina.

Rebecca, Germany

I started my coaching journey with the desire to build a better relationship with myself, to improve my sense of self-love and self-work and to be more positive. 

Working with Riquina, I uncovered some beliefs and habits that were blocking me from achieving these goals and worked on strategies, tools and habits that can help me to remove these blockages.

Move forward with Clarity

It is time to replace dusty limiting beliefs with a clear vision of who you are. 

Feeling connected to your true Identity,

And finally spread your wings and LIVE.

The time of hiding is over.

Your Life deserves to be absolutely delicious and orgasmic in every area you desire.


Having clarity on your identity and who you truly are is the FOUNDATION of the life you have been dreaming of. 

Clarity is POWER for a fulfilled live.

Book your spot today for this free masterclass that will help you find clarity on why you  are stuck and  so that you can transform:  

- self-doubt into self-confidence

- not feeling enough into self-love

- feeling frustrated into aligned and happy



Waking up, excited to start the day,

As you are filled with confidence and feeling in absolute alignment.

Feeling the world at your fingers tips,

everything you desire and want to be is possible.

Living your purpose in abundance.

Ending your days, filled with gratitude and awe.

This is what is waiting for you on the other side of this transformation and free masterclass. 

Are you ready? Your time is NOW. 



Welcome to my space, I am Riquina Rodrigues, your Clarity & Confidence Coach.

I help women to gain clarity in beliefs that hold them back to live a happy, joyful, and abundant life. 
I help women to heal, accept and love themselves for who they truly are.

I help women to move out of their autopilot life and step into their power and their true selves.

I am certified by the Jay Shetty Certification School (JSCS)


JSCS is accredited by

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